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Starfighters Arcade: Built by the community for the community

For the preservation and promotion of retro gaming
We're Arizona's original retro arcade created by vintage arcade collectors and enthusiasts

Our mission at Starfighters Arcade is to promote, preserve, and project the vintage arcade gaming experience into the future for new generations to discover and enjoy. With this humble goal in mind, we devoted StarFighters to providing a once in a lifetime experience to become immersed in the sights, sounds and environment we remembered as teenagers growing up in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Starfighters is a living museum with authentic artifacts spread throughout the arcade to complement the games we’ve rescued and restored over years to add to our collection and share with the valley community.

If it's time to reclaim that childhood feeling you had years ago when just spending time at the arcade with friends after some Pizza Hut pizza was a great night out Starfighters is the place for you. Come play your all-time favorite pinball machines, listen to great music, or just save the universe from marauding hordes of alien invaders and escape!!!

Your future ticket to the past awaits!

Unlimited play arcades in Phoenix, AZ.

The StarFighter Arcade experience
We're more than a video game arcade, we're a community and social club of gaming enthusiasts.

StarFighters philosophy
We're a Mesa arcade created for the love of gaming
  • Old or young, there is a universal appeal to playing arcade games.
  • Enjoy the classics from your youth.
  • Discover new games from the past.
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We're retro Phoenix arcade for gamers of all ages
Reconnect with your favorite games from the past and discover new favorites!